Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening

Yuko System Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening System.

Drew Groh and Japanese Hair Straightening

I've been doing Japanese Hair Straightening, by Yuko System, since April of 2002 and because I got in the Yuko game so early on I was but one of a few stylists in Orange County and Newport Beach who knew how to do it. On my first day back from training I did two of them back to back, on sisters, and that kicked off for me what would soon consume my career. Then, due to a well placed Ad in Orange Coast magazine, and then the covering of this new procedure by The LA Times And Orange County Register my phone almost literally blew up and so I was doing two, and sometimes three, of them a day, five days a week. I continued at that pace racking up totals of over 500 procedures, annually. After 10 years that put me well over 5000 procedures!!

I began my career as a color specialist, but 2002 changed things for me and contrary to my initial career plans, to be a colorist, I became a Hair Straightening Specialist and I continue to be one today. Yuko System Hair Straightening is absolutely my thing and I do it very well. "Repetition is the mother of skill", and after so many thousands of procedures under my belt there's just no way I can't be good at it. Of course I'm putting myself on the Hair Straightening pedestal, but I've earned it through years of experience and sheer numbers. If you want to get your hair Yuko'd, I'm the guy to see, no question!!

What exactly is Japanese Hair Straightening
a.k.a. Thermal Reconditioning?

Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening is known as such because its country of origin is Japan and it actually does make curly Hair straight. Created by Yuko Yamashita in the early 90's, The Yuko System Permanent Hair Straightening System was awarded a Japanese patent in 1996. Following that, Yuko System Hair Straightening made it's debut in the United States in 2000 after it was awarded a United States patent.

This patented Permanent Hair Straightening system is extremely safe for all Hair types when it is performed by a qualified Permanent Hair Straightening technician, like Master Chemical Specialist Drew Groh. In about three and a half hours Drew, along with Yuko System, can turn your Hair from curly and unruly into straight and manageable. Most Permanent Hair Straightening clients cut their Hair Styling time down to well below half and enjoy the freedom of Hair that won't frizz up in humid and moist climate. And yes, Yuko System Permanent Hair Straightening is actually permanent! The greater majority of clients will not see any of their original curl re-appear in the treated Hair. Check out our Hair Straightening FAQ page for more information on how this system is actually permanent.

Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening Comes To Newport Beach.

In April 2002 Chemical Specialist Drew Groh learned the complicated art of Permanent Hair Straightening from the Yuko System salon educators at the Yuko System Salon in Beverly Hills California. Once his Hair Straightening education was complete, Drew immediately began his Permanent Hair Straightening career by performing two Hair Straightening's on his very first day back from training and has continued to perform an average of two Hair Straightening's a day for the last thirteen years. Unbeknownst to Drew, in just a couple of months of completing his training, Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening was about to become a wild craze and there would only be a handful of trained Hair Stylists to handle the new demand.

Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening hits the LA Times and the Orange County Register!

Summer 2002 both the LA Times and the Orange County Register run full page and half page articles, respectively, on Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening and now the cat was officially out of the bag. As a result Drew, who's was already extremely busy keeping up with his current Permanent Hair Straightening demand, was launched head first into a new form of Permanent Hair Straightening madness. Aided by an assistant Drew maintained his schedule of performing two to three Permanent Hair Straightening's a day. This Permanent Hair Straightening "madness" afforded Drew the opportunity to gain experience by permanently straightening a wide variety of Hair types including chemically treated and even completely bleached Hair.

Fourteen Years Later. Bragging Rights!

2016 and Drew is still one of the most respected Permanent Hair Straightening technicians in the country. He is not only highly respected by his clients, but by Yuko System as well as Yuko Yamashita. During the past Fourteen years Drew has conservatively performed well over 6000 Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening's and has earned the privilege of helping Yuko System, on more than one occasion, test and report on new Permanent Hair Straightening chemicals and Hair Straightening home care products. As an additional privilege Drew has attended countless numbers of additional, advanced Permanent Hair Straightening classes, two of which were taught to Drew personally by Miss. Yuko herself.

Drew stays in contact with Yuko System on a weekly basis ensuring that he always has the most up to date information regarding this patented beauty wonder! It is safe to say that with such an impressive level of experience and education, Drew's expertise in Permanent Hair Straightening is second to none.

Yuko System Japanese Hair Straightening...Before and After Images

Below you will see a small, but comprehensive, showing of Drews capabilities with Yuko System Japanese Permanent Hair Straightener. Drew can even conquer the most resistant, virgin, ethnic hair!

As any stylist can take a head of curly hair, blow it dry, and iron it, to produce a wonderful looking "after" photo, Drew likes to show after photos on WET hair. This way you can see that the hair is actually straight!

Ruby Before, Front

Ruby Before, Side

Ruby Before, Back

Ruby After, Wet, Front

Ruby After, Wet, Side

Ruby After, Wet, Back

Christine Before

Christine After, Wet

Christine After, Dry