Hair Extensions FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the premium Hair Extension Systems, by Great Lengths and SoCap.

Below you will find an assortment of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Human Hair Extensions by Great Lengths and SoCap.

Should you have a question that is not listed here, and would like it answered, please do not hesitate to Email your question and an answer will find its way to you shortly.

How long do Hair Extensions last?

With proper care a set of natural Human Hair Extensions should last four months.

Will I have to do anything special to take care of my Hair Extensions?

We recommend the use of a sulfate free shampoo (which we carry) and the use of a natural, boar bristle brush for brushing over the bonds to prevent them from matting.

Will I have to blow dry my Hair when I have Hair Extensions?

It is not necessary to blow dry the Hair itself, but it is highly recommended that you blow dry the bonds (how the Hair Extensions are attached to your Hair) to prevent the bonds of the Hair Extensions from breaking down and falling out pre-maturely.

May I color my Hair Extensions?

The Hair Extension hair itself can be darkened and toned somewhat, but drastic changes or lightening of the Hair Extensions should not be attempted.

May I still color my own natural Hair?

Absolutely! However, because the Extension Hair color cannot be changed dramatically, you should attempt making drastic changes to your overall color while wearing Hair Extensions.

How do I match the Hair Extension color to my Hair color?

Leave that to Drew! He will make the decisions in regards to matching the color of the Hair Extensions to that of your own Hair. The Extension Hair is available in a wide variety of colors and, in most cases, several different colors will be used in order to achieve the most natural look.

How much will my Hair Extensions cost?

The price of Hair Extensions can vary drastically depending on your needs and desires. Many clients simply wear Hair Extensions in order to add fullness to their own Hair and not add any length. In this case cost will remain low ($250-$600). On the other hand, if someone with dense Hair is looking for added length, more Hair Extensions must be added in order to maintain Hair density from root to end. Therefore, cost increases accordingly ($900-$1200). A consultation is the best way to find out where in this spectrum you fall.

May I comb through my Hair Extensions?

Yes, combing through your Hair Extensions is a must. Combing through the actual Hair Extension bond, however is not possible. Brushing over the bond with a boar bristle brush is recommended in order to keep the Hair around the bond from tangling with other neighboring bonds. This technique of combing over the Hair Extension bond will be shown to you during or immediately after the Hair Extensions are installed.

Will wearing Hair Extensions damage my own natural Hair?

This a very frequently asked question and one that can be answered in many ways. The Hair Extensions are placed into the hair and attached with a polymer bond that mimics keratin protein (the substance your own Hair is made of). This polymer is completely safe for your Hair as well as is the removal method. Your Hair density is factored into determining the size of the Hair Extension bond. Proper bond size, brushing of the bonds and routine complimentary check-ups with us will keep the Hair Extensions from ever damaging your own natural hair.

Will my Hair Extensions need to be tightened?

No. Unlike the type of Hair Extensions which are sewn into the Hair or attached with "beads"or thread , our Hair Extensions will grow out with your Hair and not require to be moved or re-tightened until they are eventually removed by us.

Will my Hair Extensions fall out while I have them in my Hair?

The average client who wears Hair Extensions will have anywhere between 25 to 150 Human Hair Extension bonds . Over the life of the Hair Extensions (4 months) some bonds may slip out. Proper care of the bonds will keep loss at a minimum.

How long will it take to put my Hair Extensions in?

That depends on the desired result. Using Hair Extensions to add fullness, and not length, only takes an hour or two. Using Hair Extensions to add length can take up to four hours.

Will I have any options for name brands of Hair Extensions?

Yes of course. We are certified in both Great Lengths and SoCap Hair Extension Systems. Both brands of Hair Extensions are very similar to one another, in many ways.