About Chemistry of Vanity, Newport Beach

The High-End Philosophy of Chemistry of Vanity
and its creator, Drew Groh

Grown out of intense inspiration for nothing but absolute perfection in the genres of Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening, Brazilian Semi-Permanent Hair straightening (Brazilian Blowout), factory certified Hair Extensions, and Schwarzkopf Certified Hair Coloring, Chemistry of Vanity was grown and groomed with advanced education, in multiple high-end salons and training programs, while paying meticulous detail to processing & chemical balance, combined with precise attention to detail, over the course of 20 years.

Chemistry of Vanity

Chemistry is a branch of physical science that studies the composition, structure, properties and change of matter. In this case, your Hair.
Vanity is the belief in one's own attractiveness to others.

The Concept of...

...Chemistry of Vanity, and its name, is a simple no-brainer. Drew Groh is a 20 year, veteran "Chemical Specialist" in the field of Hairdressing.
Hairdressing is a practice in Vanity. Hence...Chemistry of Vanity.

There's More...

Drew is a meticulous and thorough Master Chemical Specialist. He's been accused of being O.C.D., and doesn't mind it.
And, is there anything wrong with that, when so much is on the line with the safety of your hair?
Using chemicals on the hair, YOUR HAIR, is no game. It's serious business, and a bad move or a wrong calculation can spell disaster.
Drew isn't one to screw around, or take matters of chemicals and the safety of his clients hair lightly.
Drew is a serious professional, not a rookie, and, as such, he follows strict procedures, like a machine. Following manufacturer protocal, and his own.
In 20 years he's honed his skills, learned what works and what doesn't work. He knows all of the nuances of the chemicals he uses and the vast nuances of such a diverse collection of hair types.

No, Hairdressing isn't rocket science. But, maybe when its your Hair on the line, you'd be happy to know that the man working with you does look at it like a science, and has elevated his craft and knowledge of chemicals to an art-form.