Chemistry of Vanity

Grown out of intense inspiration for nothing but absolute perfection in the genres of Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening, Brazilian Semi-Permanent Hair Straightening (Brazilian Blowout), factory certified Hair Extensions, and Schwarzkopf Certified Hair Coloring, Chemistry of Vanity was grown and groomed with advanced education, in multiple high-end salons and training programs, while paying meticulous detail to processing & chemical balance, combined with precise attention to detail, over the course of 20 years.

Chemisty of Vanity's Top Three

The chemical services in which Drew Groh is in the highest demand for.

Yuko System Hair Straightening

Created in Japan, by Yuko Yamashita, Yuko System Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening System is patented worldwide and safe for use on almost all hair types and levels of processing when performed by a master chemical specialist, like Drew Groh.

Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout, by brand, is a form of Brazilian Thermal Reconditioning. Drew uses superior brands of Brazilian Thermal Reconditioners which will make your hair straighter, shinier, and stay that way much longer.

Coloring and Highlighting

Drew is a certified Level III Technical Advisor for Schwarzkopf Hair Color. This highest possible level is only bestowed upon high-end colorists who have the experience, and possess the education, to warrant the title.